Welcome to the home page for PAWS ON THE RUN- a division of MS Creations.

Paws on the Run is our very own line of dog spa products inspired by the needs of our own 4 legged fur babies! Our cardigan Corgi 'Dexter' is the face of Paws On The Run. 

All of our doggy spa products are made with fresh, all natural ingredients, in small batches in the family kitchen while our curious furry friends watch approvingly. 

All products get the seal of approval from Dexter and his partner in crime- our basset hound- Benson.

Check back often for updates regarding new products and advice for your furry friends health and well being!

2 oz Tin of Paws on the Run Protective Paw Wax

 Paw Wax is a moisturizer and pad sealer that- when applied to your dogs feet before that outdoor walk- will help those sensitive pads stay strong and healthy and keep protected against the harsh weather conditions! 

Works great in the winter to protect against salt and ice and snow damage.

Works great the rest of the year to stop feet from drying out and protect from whatever the weather does next!

1 oz push up tube of Paws on the Run Protective Paw Wax